Microchip Operated

Staywell Microchip Cat Flap From PetSafe

White with a clear flap a selective entry cat door. Battery operated.

Microchip Cat Flap

From Petsafe the microchip cat door is built to be simple to use and maintain. The installation uses battery power which takes away the need to hardwire cables to the door during the installation process. These doors are designed to let your cat come and go freely by automatically reading your cats chip allow your cat through the door and at the same time keeping out strays or other intruding animals. A cat flap with a sensor reads the unique microchip identification number and only allows that cat access.

Optional additions allow the microchip pet door to be installed in UPVC panels and double glazing or through walls.

The double glazing adaptor turns a standard unit into a round microchip cat flap.

This shows the tunnel from the outside. Flap fits internally.

Microchip flap Features

The chip activated cat flap door works by reading your cat's chip which uses frequency identification.

Simple 4-way locking system for ease of use 

Adaptors For Walls and Double Glazing Glass

Battery operated microchip cat flap

chip operated cat flap.

Cat Flap Installation

Easy to install

The PetSafe® Microchip Cat Flap is suitable to fit most types of door microchip cat flap for walls will require additional tunnels, which we sell as kits below, and both double glazing and wall require the use of a glass mounting adaptor and competent DIY skills-tools will be required when fitting cat flaps.

Existing Holes

Existing flaps installed? This cat door is designed to adapt easily to cut out sizes for existing Staywell® doors models 200, 300, 400, 500, 900, and Petporte smart flap® series cat flaps. 

Some simple DIY skills are required, and minor adjustments to the cut-out or additional accessories might be needed. When replacing a 200 series pet door, the glass adaptor accessory will be needed for proper installation. 


When fitting a microchip cat flap in a glass door, it is impossible to cut holes in existing toughened glass or double glazed units. Holes need to be cut at the time of manufacture, or new glass units need to be produced—suitable cat flap microchip double glazed door with 20mm 24mm and 28mm double glazing. Please contact a glazier or cat flap fitter.


The PetSafe automatic Cat Flap requires four alkaline AA batteries (LR6). Batteries are not included with your cat flap. Please use new, non-rechargeable batteries for the best results. To

install batteries, remove the battery cover from the top of the interior frame, set aside the hardware pack, and place the batteries in the proper direction. Once you have installed the chip-operated cat flap, the green LED will quickly

flash 3 times, indicating the cat flap is in Automatic Mode and is ready for programming. 

Colour Options.

These doors are currently only available in white and brown, but we hope to produce an anthracite grey colour in the coming weeks, 7016 dark grey,

Cat, not Microchipped? These doors can be used with collar and RFID collar tags that will act like a standard chip. These are sometimes required when your cat's chip has moved around inside the cat's body.


The PetSafe® cat flaps with chip recognition read the most common microchip type implanted in cats – FDX-B (15-digit).

Click on the product below to read our microchip cat flap reviews. 

Door in an adapter for glass microchip reading


What do I need to install into glass? Microchip cat flap glass doors or windows are no problem. Cat flap installation in glass doors, double glazed, is possible using a glass adapter that allows the square cat flap to go into a round hole.

Grid View:

Microchip Cat Flap - by Petsafe

£46.99 £59.99
Microchip Cat Flap Staywell PetSafe WhiteSpecificationsOverall Size: 220mm x 239mm<Cutout Size: 175mm x 168mmGlass Cut Out Size: 275mm diameter* - requires a Petsafe glass adaptorTunnel Depth: 72mmMax Pet Shoulder Width: 150mmMaximum Pet Weight: 8kgMicrochip activated door has been designed to allow your cat easy access to the outside world whilst keeping other troublesome cats and animals out ..

Petsafe Microchip & 4 Way Cat Flap Tunnel Extension - White

Staywell Tunnel Extension White From PetsafeFeaturesFor use in walls and doors.Each tunnel adds 50mmFitting Options:PetSafe microchip cat flap tunnel extension can be glued together to form long tunnels through wallsCat Door DimensionsOverall Size: Each tunnel adds 50mm. (The tunnel depth on the cat door is 70mm)Only suitable for the PetSafe microchip door and the new manual version.2021 © Ma..

Microchip Door With Glass Cat Flap And Adaptor

£57.60 £79.19
Microchip Cat Flap With Glass Adaptor For Double GlazingSpecificationSuitable for glass openings 212 mm to 285 mm in diameterDescriptionThe Staywell microchip door and glass adapter from PetSafe allows the door to be installed into double glazed units when they are manufactured by the glass company. This cat flap is self lining with it,s own tunnel to hide the edges of the glass unit. The adapter ..

Petsafe Microchip Door For Walls Upto 172mm Thick

£68.39 £84.78
Microchip Door For Walls Up to 172mm ThickDescription Your PetSafe® Microchip door has been designed to allow your cat easy access to the outside world whilst keeping other troublesome cats and animals out of your house. The PetSafe® Microchip Cat Flap works by reading your cat’s unique microchip ID without the need for a collar or accessory. Suitable for walls up to 172mm thick.What's included..

Petsafe Microchip For Walls Upto 272mm Thick

£82.79 £104.92
Petsafe Microchip For  Cavity Walls Up To 272mm.Our kit for cavity walls includes an adapter and wall tunnels to allow you to install your cat flap so it goes through a wall. Suitable for walls up to 272 mm Thick What's included:1 x Petsafe Cat Flap<4 x Tunnel Extensions 1 x Glass/Wall Adapter>Door Tunnel Depth: 72mm + FOUR TUNNELS ADDING 200MM = 272MM TOTALFeatures Easy to p..

Petsafe Door For Walls Upto 372mm Thick

£97.19 £119.99
Microchip Door For Insulated Walls UpTo 372mm ThickLimited Stock At This Price  When It's Gone It's Gone.A Microchip Door kit has been put together to go through walls to allow your cat easy access to the outside world whilst keeping other troublesome cats and animals out of your house. The PetSafe® Microchip works by reading your cat’s unique microchip ID without the need for a collar or acc..

Microchip Brown - by Petsafe

Staywell Petsafe Microchip Cat Flap Brown          Simple To OperateControl on this door comes via a very simple to use 4-way locking system which allows you to set the door as exit only, entry only, in and out, or no entry or exit.Petsafe Microchip FeaturesEasy to program reads your cats microchipCan be programmed for up to 40 micro-chipped catsThis product can also ..

Petsafe Microchip & 4 Way Cat Flap Tunnel Extension - Brown

Staywell Tunnel Extensions in Brown From PetSafeDescriptionTunnel Extension for installing the Microchip and manual versions into walls. Cat Flap sold separately.Key FeaturesFor use with walls and doorsProvides 50 mm extra tunnel lengthEasy installationFeaturesQuick and easy installationSystem Includes1 Tunnel Extension2021 © Master Plastics All Rights Reserved..

PetPorte Microchip Smart Cat Flap - White

£83.99 £113.99
Petporte Smart cat Flap Microchip DoorSpecificationsFrame Dimensions 232 mm x 232 mm x 158.6 mmFlap Opening 160 mm x 160 mmCut Out Size 180 mm x 171 mmMax Shoulder Width 150 mmGlass Cut Out Size 212 mmSmart Flap Petporte Description Cat Microchip door the Petporte Smart Flap® reads your cat’s microchip to allow entry to your home like most other microchip doors, without the need for a collar. So ..

Cat Mate Microchip 360 cat Flap and Adapter For Glass

£59.99 £71.99
Cat Mate Microchip Cat Door And Adapter Wite 360Specifications DoorWidth: 197mm (7 3/4")Height : 246mm (9 11/16")Out Size Width : 173mm (6 7/8")Height : 198mm (7 3/4")Glass AdapterDiameter Hole required 263mmSupplied1 Cat Mate Microchip door and 1 glass adapter.Description Glass fitting microchip door for installation into double glazing up to 30mm thick. The easy to use, rotary 4-Way lock gives c..

Pet Mate - Cat Mate Microchip 360 Cat Flap

£46.96 £63.19
Cat Mate Microchip Cat Door White 360The easy to use, rotary 4-Way lock gives complete control over your cat's access to and from the house. The streamlined design of the Cat Mate microchip cat door maximises entrance opening space - providing easy, stress-free access for your cat. The large 144mm (W) x 150mm (H) opening is fitted with a transparent flap preferred by most cats and made from super-..

PetMate - Cat Mate Microchip 360 Cat Flap - Brown CatMate

Cat Mate Microchip Door BrownSpecificationsOverall SizeWidth : 197mm (7 3/4")Height : 246mm (9 11/16")Cut Out SizeWidth : 173mm (6 7/8")Height : 198mm (7 3/4")DescriptionThe Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap now available in brown is a simple to use a type of door with an easy operate 4-way locking systemThe 360 has been developed to offer the ultimate solution for selective entry control, operated by y..

DURACELL Plus AA MN1500 LR6 Batteries 1.5V ALKALINE

Microchip AA BatteriesManufactured by Duracell to provide enhanced performance in many popular devices. Reliable, long-lasting life for flashlights and PDA's. Dependable quality batteries for trouble-free use. 50% more power than standard Duracell!..

Electronic Door RFID Key Fob for Petsafe Microchip cat Doors

Staywell Petsafe Microchip keyCompatibilityThe Petsafe Microchip key works with a number of doors in the range.Doors (PPA19-16811) ( PPA19-16145) and also the RFID Selective Small  Dog Door and can be used for an additional dog using the Passport or as a replacement if your dog's Passport Key is lost. Worn on your cat's or dog's collar, the Key uses radio-frequency identif..

PetPorte Tunnel Extension White

PetPorte Tunnel WhiteWhite extension plastic tunnel parts for Wall Model Smart Flap cat flaps. Suitable for use with the Wall Model Smart Flaps. Each tunnel, when stacked, covers 4cm of the wall. 2021 © Master Plastics All Rights Reserved..

Installation Adaptor for Petsafe Microchip & 4 Way Cat Flap - White

Cat Door Microchip Double Glazing AdapterSpecificationSuitable for glass openings 212 mm to 285 mm in diameterDescriptionInstallation Adaptor for installing the manual 4-way locking door or the microchip version into double glazed windows, double glazed doors, walls and metal doors. Cat Flap sold separately.Key FeaturesFor use with windows, walls and metal doorsSuitable for glass openings 212 mm t..

Installation Adaptor for Petsafe Microchip & 4 Way Cat Flap - Brown

Brown Glass Adaptor For Microchip DoorsSpecificationSuitable for glass openings 212 mm to 285 mm in diameterPictureThe picture above shows a PetSafe microchip operated door installed into the adapter. This listing is for an adapter only the cat door is not included. These adapters are only suitable when matched with the door supplied by the same manufacturer.DescriptionInstallation Adaptor that al..

Cat Mate Super Selective Chip

£76.94 £95.99
Cat Mate Elite Super Selective 355w Microchip Cat DoorSpecificationsOverall Width: 248mm (9.75")Overall Height: 265mm (10.375")Cut Out Width: 171mm (6.75")Cut Out Height: 198mm (7.75")Cut Out Diameter: 232mm (9.125")Description:Entry operated by your cats’ unique implanted microchip or by the Cat Mate Elite I.D. Disc (available separately) for up to 9 cats - keeps all other animals out. LCD Displ..

Cat Bed Cave

Ohana Eco Box Medium Grey Recycled Cat Cave Bed DescriptionECO. The cat cave bed collection is built from fabrics and fillings made from recycled plastic bottles. Filling = 100% Recycled material & Fabric = 50% Recycled material. Strong designed to last.FeaturesPRIVACY. The hooded design creates privacy and a sense of security which is especially great for nervous or anxious pets.REMOVABLE ..

Drinkwell Avalon Cat Water Fountain

£56.46 £81.55
PetSafe Drinkwell Avalon Cat or Dog Water FountainDescription The Ceramic Avalon Fountain continuously recirculates and filters your pet’s water, keeping it cleaner and fresher than a normal water bowl. The Avalon fountain offers 2 litres of fresh, filtered water in a ceramic design that is easy to clean and looks great in your home. The upper and lower dishes provide two drinking areas for you..

Drinkwell Streamside Cat Water Fountain

£43.98 £54.98
Ceramic Streamside Dog and Cat Water Fountain small 1.2ltDrinkwell Streamside Cat Water Fountain PetSafe Drinkwell Small Ceramic Cat Water Fountain keeps water cleaner and fresher than a normal water bowl. The streamside fountain offers 1.2 L of fresh, filtered water In a ceramic design that is easy to clean and looks great in your home and helps to reduce noise when running.Product Features ..
Out Of Stock

FroliCat FLIK Automatic Cat Toy Teaser - Petsafe (PTY17-14233)

£19.90 £35.99
FroliCat FLIK Automatic Cat Toy Teaser - Petsafe FLIK is an automatic teaser that throws then hides a string to entice your cat to play. Simply turn it on and watch your curious cat stalk FLIK and try to capture the string before it pops back into the toy. Cats can’t resist trying to grab the “tail” flicking back and forth, just like a wild cat stalking hidden prey. No cat has ever had this muc..

Cat Flap Cleaning Wipes Wonder Wipes

Cat Flap and Tunnels Dog Flaps Cleaning Made Easy. Brilliant after installation to clean excess glues and silicones while wet that may need removing.As used by the trade for cleaning plastic products from skirting to guttering these wipes are purrfect to keep your cat or dog door clean and bacteria-free especially good during wet rainy periods.Pet Door CareWhy use cleansing wipes on a pet door? Pa..

CatMate Cat Flap Glass / Wall Adapter Kit PM361

Cat Mate Glass Adapter For Glazing and Walls.SpecificationA hole needs to be cut at 263mm wide.Total frame size is 310mmFixing screw centres are approx 277mm wideDescriptionA Microchip flap is a fantastic way to keep your home free from uninvited neighbourhood cats, and now with the Cat Mate Cat Flap Adapter Kit, you can now place cat flaps on walls and glass panels. Features: Easy t..
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