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Anti-Bark Collar Stop Dog Barking

Stress free day on the beach with no dog barking

Not all dogs need help with barking some are naturally quiet and balanced but some dogs need help. Barking can cause a real strain on the owner-dog relationship, and cause countless neighbour complaints which can be upgraded to the local authority.

Dogs vary in size and temperament, the majority of dogs will never need any bark device but some dogs do form habits are barking non-stop the presence of the collar should mean no barking.

These collars should not be left on your dog permanently and during the initial stages of use, you will need to be present to pass on a clear message of no barking.

These collars are not a magic pill they are training devices used correctly and instructions followed you should be able to eventually use these collars without and spray or battery

We offer three types of the collar from our experience the spray collar is the most effective.

Ultrasonic emits a harmless but annoying high-frequency sound to distract the dog from barking. These do not work with every dog some dogs do not have perfect hearing and will not hear the sound this is especially true of older dogs. This type of device can be attached to the collar or as stand-alone models for indoor and outdoor use.

Spray stimulation uses a citronella scented mist which is sprayed forward to interrupt a dog’s barking 98% success rate for these collars and with the correct training these collars can eventually be used without spray or batteries you simply put on the no bark collar and your dog from experience will now not to bark.

Vibration stimulation utilises low-frequency vibration that the dog feels on the underside of the neck not far from the ‘voice-box’ to interrupt the barking not a great success rate with these collars they tend to work best on short-haired dogs 

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PetSafe® Dog Anti-Bark Citronella Spray Collar ™ - PBC19-16370

PetSafe Citronella Anti-Bark Dog Collar We have sold thousands of these collars and can safely say they work on 98 per cent of dogs. For some, it takes a few weeks for others it only takes minutes. Buy this collar now put some peace into your life. Please note this product is currently a collection only productFeatures •Easy to replaceable reliable spray cartridges • 35–40 sprays ..

Citronella Refill Cartridge of Petsafe Dog Collar Spray - PAC54-16373

Petsafe Spray RefillThe new version PetSafe® citronella spray refill cartridges are easy to replace with no mess. The new design does away for the need to refill with tins which done slightly wrong lead to damage of the refill valve.The new cartridges are far more reliable and easy to change.Simply remove the empty cartridge and replace it with the new one. The citronella scent is harmless to your..
In Stock

Petsafe - Little Dog Spray Bark Control Collar - PBC19-11796

The PetSafe Bark Collar For Small DogsThese easy-to-use bark collars provide you with a way to teach your dog or puppies (over 6 months) to stop their annoying barking. Your dog's bark automatically activates a quick unscented spray, surprising him and breaking his cycle of barking. Only his bark triggers a spray as the device monitors both the bark and a vibration - great for multi-dog homes. No ..

Petsafe Big Dog Deluxe Spray Bark Control Collar - PBC19-13095

PetSafe Big Dog Deluxe Anti Bark CollarPatented Perfect Bark detection ensures your dog's bark is the only sound that will cause the correction The all-natural unscented spray is safe and effective Adjustable nylon collar for neck sizes up to 71 cm Waterproof Low spray and good/low battery indicators Packaging in EN/FR/NL/ES/IT/DE Instructions in EN/FR/NL/ES/IT/DE 3-year warranty Components ..

Petsafe Vibration Bark Control Collar - PBC17-13338

£47.99 £59.99
Petsafe Vibration Bark Collar - PBC17-13338The VBC-10 Vibration Dog Bark Control Collar has two primary features designed to shorten the training phase and promote good behaviour. First, it offers 10 combinations of Vibration Stimulation. When the dog barks, vibration is delivered from one of the two Vibration Points. The duration of the vibration is random, which interrupts the dog’s bark. Whe..

PetSafe Treat and Train Remote Dog Trainer

£98.39 £128.23
Treat Train - Remote Reward Dog Trainer PetSafeAchieve precise treat timing for fast, fun, and effective training Whether you’re a pet owner or a pet professional, the Treat Train® Remote Dog Trainer can dramatically increase the speed, precision, and effectiveness of your positive-reinforcement training. Veterinarian and animal behaviour expert Dr Sophia Yin invented the Treat&Train based ..
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