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PetSafe Microchip Reading Cat Doors

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Microchip Cat Flap - by Petsafe

Microchip Cat Flap Staywell PetSafe WhiteThe PetSafe® Microchip Cat Flap boasts advanced selective entry technology, which enables your feline companion to come and go freely while preventing unwanted animals from entering your home.Utilizing radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, this cat flap reads your cat's unique microchip ID without requiring a collar or additional accessory. When..

Microchip Door With Glass Cat Flap And Adaptor

£77.64 £110.38
Microchip Cat Flap With Glass Adaptor For Double GlazingSpecificationThe adaptor is suitable for glass openings 275mm to 285mm in diameter.DescriptionThe Staywell microchip door and glass adapter from PetSafe allow the door to be installed into double-glazed units when manufactured by the glass company. This cat flap is self lining with it,s own tunnel to hide the edges of the glass unit. The adap..

Petsafe Microchip Door For Walls Upto 172mm Thick

Microchip Door For Walls Up to 172mm ThickDescription Your PetSafe® Microchip door has been designed to allow your cat easy access to the outside world whilst keeping other troublesome cats and animals out of your house. The PetSafe® Microchip Cat Flap works by reading your cat’s unique microchip ID without the need for a collar or accessory. Suitable for walls up to 172mm thick.What's included..

Petsafe Microchip For Walls Upto 272mm Thick

Petsafe Microchip For  Cavity Walls Up To 272mm.Our kit for cavity walls includes an adapter and wall tunnels to allow you to install your cat flap, so it goes through a wall. Suitable for walls up to 272 mm Thick What's included:1 x Petsafe Cat Flap4 x Tunnel Extensions 1 x Glass/Wall AdapterDoor Tunnel Depth: 72mm + FOUR TUNNELS ADDING 200MM = 272MM TOTALFeatures Easy to programI..

Microchip Brown - by Petsafe

Staywell Petsafe Microchip Cat Flap Brown          Simple To OperateControl on this door comes via a very simple to use 4-way locking system which allows you to set the door as exit only, entry only, in and out, or no entry or exit.Petsafe Microchip FeaturesEasy to program reads your cats microchipCan be programmed for up to 40 micro-chipped catsThis product can also ..

PetPorte Smart Flap - Microchip - White

Petporte Smart Cat Flap Microchip DoorCat flap microchip door the Petporte Smart Flap® from PetSafe reads your cat’s microchip to allow entry to your home like most other microchip doors, without the need for a collar. So how does the Petporte differ from other cat doors that operate with microchips? well the Petporte smart door is programmable so you can set times for going out and re-entrySpecif..

Petporte Replacement Flap Smartflap

PetPorte Replacement FlapFits Petsafe / Petporte Michrochip Cat Flap. 100ef Transparent Flap 157mm h x 157mm wide Description Transparent Flap 157mm h x 157mm wide For Use With Fits Petsafe / Petporte Michrochip Cat Flap..

Cat Flap Cleaning Wipes Wonder Wipes

Cat Flap and Tunnels Dog Flaps Cleaning Made Easy. Brilliant after installation to clean excess glues and silicones while wet that may need removing.As used by the trade for cleaning plastic products from skirting to guttering these wipes are purrfect to keep your cat or dog door clean and bacteria-free especially good during wet rainy periods.Pet Door CareWhy use cleansing wipes on a pet door? Pa..
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