Which cat flaps can be installed in double glazing glass in UPVC doors?

Here are some of the options when installing dog and cat flaps into double-glazed glass units and patio doors with UPVC or Aluminium Frames.

Pet doors through doors can save space and provide a natural flow of pets and people in and out of the property. There is a range of doors suitable for installation into a double-glazed unit that includes manual infrared and microchip doors.

PetSafe Microchip Door In Glass With An Adapter

To instal a pet door in the glass you will normally need a new double-glazed unit manufactured you can employ a fitter to come and measure the existing glass unit and then return with the glass unit that is manufactured with a hole in it to accept the new pet door or you can organise this yourself.

Please note your existing glass is toughened and as such it's not possible to cut a new hole through the door.

To order a replacement unit some information is required and this will involve removing the beads in your existing door or window. Beads come in many variations so you will need to work out how to remove them. 

Once the beads are out you can measure the existing glass unit there are three sizes required height width and depth of thickness. 

Double-glazed units mainly come in 20mm 24mm or 28mm thickness triple glazed comes in 44mm there are other sizes. There is a fourth measurement required this involves working out the diameter of the hole required and what height you want it to be, bearing in mind the overall width of the cat flap or adapter will need to be above the top of your glazing bead.

Once you have these sizes you can order your double-glazed unit from a local manufacturer.

An alternative which is also worth considering if you have a half-glass door is to replace the bottom glass panel with a UPVC panel. The process for ordering is similar you need to know the thickness. These half panels can come with ply reinforcing which makes it easier to instal the cat flap.

Dog door in a double glazed unit

Patio sliding doors are the same as above but the glass panels are normally a lot bigger the PetSafe 270 or 280 are designed to be used with sliding doors.

There are some small doors for dogs that can be installed in the glass but most dog doors will need to go into a UPVC panel.

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Petsafe 4 Way Locking Cat Flap - Brown Staywell deluxe 320 new version

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Petsafe 4 Way Locking Cat Flap - White Staywell deluxe 300

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Staywell Cat Flap 4 Way Locking - WhiteThis PetSafe cat flap door is a new version with improved locking and a clear flap. It replaces the old-style Staywell 300 door. The required cutout size is the same as the old Staywell deluxe model. The PetSafe 4-Way Locking Manual Cat Door allows you to control your cat’s access in and out of your home. The 4-Way lock allows you to choose from four acces..
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Staywell 420 Deluxe Magnetic Cat Flap - Woodgrain by PetSafe

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Cat Mate 210w Glass Fitting 4 Way Locking Slimline Profile Cat Flap

Cat Mate Glass Fitting Cat Flap 210 The Cat Mate 210 is a purpose-designed door suitable for single or double-glazed sliding doors. It is recommended for single, double glazing and very thin panel screens. Although designed for use in the s, this door is also suitable in other materials such as timber or plastics up to 28mm thick. SpecificationsOverall Diameter: 245mm (9.625")Cut Out Diameter: ..

Microchip Door With Glass Cat Flap And Adaptor

£77.64 £110.38
Microchip Cat Flap With Glass Adaptor For Double GlazingSpecificationThe adaptor is suitable for glass openings 275mm to 285mm in diameter.DescriptionThe Staywell microchip door and glass adapter from PetSafe allow the door to be installed into double-glazed units when manufactured by the glass company. This cat flap is self lining with it,s own tunnel to hide the edges of the glass unit. The adap..

Staywell 270 Cat Flap For Glass Patio Doors Slimline Profile

£17.28 £18.19
Staywell Big Cat Staywell 270SpecificationsOverall size : 292mm x 292mmCut out size Glass: 263mm diameter Pet Max shoulder width: 180mmDescriptionStaywell Slim Profile Cat Flap For Patio Doors | REL270 is also suitable in UPVC, etc, and is a great choice for big cats.Give your favourite felines the ability to come and go as they please. This cat door is generously sized for large cats or even..

Cat Flap For Glass Patio Door Slimline Profile Staywell 280

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Staywell 280 Slim Profile Cat Flap For Patio DoorsSpecificationsOverall size : 292mm x 292mmCut out size Glass: 263mmDiameter Pet Max shoulder width: 180mm Description Staywell Slim Profile Cat Flap For Patio Doors 280 Cat flap in patio door? Cat flap in glass door - No Problem. Give your favourite felines the ability to come and go as they please with the Staywell slim profile cat flap des..

Cat Mate Microchip 360 cat Flap and Adapter For Glass

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Cat Mate Microchip Cat Door And Adapter Wite 360Specifications DoorWidth: 197mm (7 3/4")Height : 246mm (9 11/16")Out Size Width : 173mm (6 7/8")Height : 198mm (7 3/4")Glass AdapterDiameter Hole required 263mmSupplied1 Cat Mate Microchip door and 1 glass adapter.Description Glass fitting microchip door for installation into double glazing up to 30mm thick. The easy to use, rotary 4-Way lock gives c..

Cat Mate 357 Large Cat Small Dog Slimline Profile Glass Fitting Cat Flap CatMate

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Cat Mate Large Glass Fitting Cat FlapDescriptionCan you put a cat flap in a glass door? Yes, a range of doors is suitable for double glazing, but the glass needs to be cut before it's toughened, so it's not a DIY job.Specially developed for most giant cats or small dogs such as Yorkshire Terriers, Pekinese, Dachshund, Minature Poodles, and Spaniels up to a shoulder height of 360mm (14"). The at..
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