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Pet Mate C200 Two Meal Automatic Feeder

Cat Mate C20 Two Meal Automatic FeederDescription: The Cat Mate C200 is designed to feed one or two cats, kittens or small dogs when you are away - during the day, evening or over the weekend. the unit is run on a single AA battery and its use simple turn dial clocks to set feeding times.Food is kept fresh in two easy-clean compartments sealed by closely fitting lids, and cooled by a built-in i..

Cat Mate Microchip 360 cat Flap and Adapter For Glass

£59.99 £71.99
Cat Mate Microchip Cat Door And Adapter Wite 360Specifications DoorWidth: 197mm (7 3/4")Height : 246mm (9 11/16")Out Size Width : 173mm (6 7/8")Height : 198mm (7 3/4")Glass AdapterDiameter Hole required 263mmSupplied1 Cat Mate Microchip door and 1 glass adapter.Description Glass fitting microchip door for installation into double glazing up to 30mm thick. The easy to use, rotary 4-Way lock gives c..

Grey Microchip Cat Flap 7024 Graphite Dark Grey

Grey Cat Mate Microchip Cat DoorThe colour is dark grey, which will not be a perfect match for most UPVC or aluminium doors on the market. As the only version available at the moment, it is the closest match and being grey, it is a good starting point if you need to spay it to match a particular RAL colour. A simple 4-way rotary lock lets you control what goes on with the door. The design of ..

Pet Mate - Cat Mate Microchip 360 Cat Flap

Cat Mate Microchip Cat Door White 360The easy to use, rotary 4-Way lock gives complete control over your cat's access to and from the house. The streamlined design of the Cat Mate microchip cat door maximises entrance opening space - providing easy, stress-free access for your cat. The large 144mm (W) x 150mm (H) opening is fitted with a transparent flap preferred by most cats and made from super-..

PetMate - Cat Mate Microchip 360 Cat Flap - Brown CatMate

Cat Mate Microchip Door BrownSpecificationsOverall SizeWidth : 197mm (7 3/4")Height : 246mm (9 11/16")Cut Out SizeWidth : 173mm (6 7/8")Height : 198mm (7 3/4")DescriptionThe Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap now available in brown is a simple to use a type of door with an easy operate 4-way locking systemThe 360 has been developed to offer the ultimate solution for selective entry control, operated by y..

Cat Mate Extension Wall Liner Tunnel CatMate

Cat Mate Tunnel ExtensionDescription Cat Mate | Wall Liner - Tunnel for Cat Flaps, Any number of this 50 mm (2") sections may be added to any cat flap in the Elite range and to the 360 Micro-Chip Cat Flap to enable easy wall installation. Suitable for Petmate Catflap Models - 305, 306, 307, 355, 356, 358 360How many tunnels do I need?Models vary with the tunnels that are supplied with the do..

Cat Mate Super Selective Chip

Cat Mate Elite Super Selective 355w Microchip Cat DoorSpecificationsOverall Width: 248mm (9.75")Overall Height: 265mm (10.375")Cut Out Width: 171mm (6.75")Cut Out Height: 198mm (7.75")Cut Out Diameter: 232mm (9.125")Description:Entry operated by your cats’ unique implanted microchip or by the Cat Mate Elite I.D. Disc (available separately) for up to 9 cats - keeps all other animals out. LCD Displ..

Cat Flap Cleaning Wipes Wonder Wipes

Cat Flap and Tunnels Dog Flaps Cleaning Made Easy. Brilliant after installation to clean excess glues and silicones while wet that may need removing.As used by the trade for cleaning plastic products from skirting to guttering these wipes are purrfect to keep your cat or dog door clean and bacteria-free especially good during wet rainy periods.Pet Door CareWhy use cleansing wipes on a pet door? Pa..

CatMate Cat Flap Glass / Wall Adapter Kit PM361

Cat Mate Glass Adapter For Glazing and Walls.SpecificationA hole needs to be cut at 263mm wide.Total frame size is 310mmFixing screw centres are approx 277mm wideDescriptionA Microchip flap is a fantastic way to keep your home free from uninvited neighbourhood cats, and now with the Cat Mate Cat Flap Adapter Kit, you can now place cat flaps on walls and glass panels. Features: Easy t..
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