Automatic Feeders

Automatic Cat Feeders Or Dog Feeders

Out all day ensure your cat or dog still gets regular feeds

Automatic cat feeders keep your pet well-fed and make sure they always get dinner on time. Manage your pet's feeding schedule and maintain portion control even when you can't be there to do it in person.

Kitten, cat or dog – a pet feeder helps to ensure a healthy eating regime.

Need a digital feeder with 24/7 programming for a medium-sized dog? Or perhaps a 48-hour feeder for a cat? Our automatic dog feeders range will have a convenient solution for you and your pet.

Digitally programmed or clockwork timed feeders

Provides cats and dogs with regular, small meals - perfect for their ‘little and often’ eating habits

Timed delivery of medication for sick pets

Dishwasher-safe feeding trays

If you are leaving your pet unattended for a prolonged period of time, then feeding systems are not recommended.

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2-Pet Meal Add-on Splitter with Bow

Add-on Splitter with BowlCompatible with PetSafe® Smart Feed and PetSafe® Healthy Pet Simply Feed™ (sold separatelyWhen you have more than one dog or cat at home, they’ll share toys and your attention for snuggles, but they shouldn’t have to share the same bowl at dinner. The PetSafe® 2 Meal Splitter with Bowl lets you feed two pets in your family at the same time with the same automatic pet feede..

Pet Mate C200 Two Meal Automatic Feeder

Cat Mate C20 Two Meal Automatic FeederDescription: The Cat Mate C200 is designed to feed one or two cats, kittens or small dogs when you are away - during the day, evening or over the weekend. the unit is run on a single AA battery and its use simple turn dial clocks to set feeding times.Food is kept fresh in two easy-clean compartments sealed by closely fitting lids, and cooled by a built-in i..

Petsafe Digital Two Meal Pet Feeder

Petsafe Digital Two Meal Automatic FeederDescription Most suited to cats and small dogs, the stylish Digital Two Meal Pet Feeder has an LCD digital display that allows for easy programming of mealtimes. Your pet will get the appropriate portion served right on schedule. No late or missed meals again when your life keeps you busy or away. The Pet Feeder is battery operated with two dishwasher-safe..

Petsafe Eatwell 5 Meal Pet Feeder

Petsafe Eatwell 5 Meal Pet FeederAutomatic Cat FeederWhen you are shopping online or in-store it can be difficult to find that standard no-frills rock-solid workhorse feeder. Many years ago Staywell came up with one of the best selling 5 meal feeders ever and in my opinion, this feeder is an advanced date version of it. Alright the tan colour is a bit out of date and the design is very basic but w..

Petsafe 2 meal Automatic Pet Feeder

PetSafe Automatic 2 Meal Pet Feeder For Dry Dog and Cat FoodDescription With our PetSafe automatic pet feeder which is a 2-meal feeder, you can manage your pet’s diet even when you’re not at home. This convenient system allows you to set the timer for each meal up to 48 hours in advance. Each section can hold a portion size equal to 1.5 cups. You can rest assured that your furry pal will get th..

Petsafe Programmable Digital Pet Feeder PFD19-15521

PetSafe Simply Feed Automatic Dog or Cat Food Dispenser Digital Slow Feed Option 5.6L CapacityWith its stylish and advanced design, the Healthy Pet Simply Feed™ Programmable Digital Pet Feeder gives you peace of mind knowing your pet is fed the proper portion at the right time, whether you are home or away. Feeding the correct amount at the appropriate time gives you peace of mind at home or..

Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder

£51.60 £64.02
Cat Mate C3000 Dry Food Feeder Cats and Small DogsDescription: The CAT MATE C3000 feeder is designed to ensure your pet’s recommended dry food allowance both quantity and timing in order to minimise the health risks and costs of overfeeding and to provide feeds in a busy home. ProgrammedThe carefully developed dry food feeder lets you program up to 3 individually sized meals over a day and will..

PetSafe Teach Treat and Train Remote Dog Trainer New Version

Treat Train - Remote Reward Dog Trainer PetSafeTreat to Train Remote Reward Trainer is an excellent tool for training. Dogs learn because it allows pet parents (that's you) to reward their dogs quickly when they get the behaviours they want to see. Use Teach Treat to develop the behaviours you want from your dog, like sitting, keeping calm and responding to verbal commands. Watch the YouTube video..
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