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Making use of some of the finest ingredients, our Coature collection is specifically designed to work with dogs hair and appropriate pH. Customised for your dog, depending on coat hair type, skin issues, and desired style. Unique formulations result in superior performance. Use the 3-step system (Dog shampoo,  Dog conditioner, and Dog grooming spray) to complete the ultimate well-being package for your dog.

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Dog Shampoo No. 10 Evening Primrose Oil 60 ml - Isle Of Dogs

Primrose Dog ShampooNo. 10 Evening Primrose Oil Shampoo 60 ml An ultra-rich concentrated dog shampoo for supplying a therapeutic dose of skin-nourishing and moisture replenishing essential fatty acids to your dog’s hair. Can be used on all coat types and is great for puppies. Gives a beautiful lay to the coat and does not strip it of its natural oils. Gentle enough for everyday use to heal dry sk..

Dog Shampoo No. 12 Triple Strength Evening Primrose Oil 60 ml -Isle Of Dogs

£2.83 £9.48
Dog Shampoo Primrose OilNo. 12 Triple Strength Evening Primrose 60 ml This dog shampoo is designed to nourish your dog's itchy, flaky, or dry skin while restoring healthy, natural beauty to the dog's hair. This "Rehab for Dogs Coats" is the richest, most concentrated treatment that Isle of Dogs offers, infusing the dog coat with a substantially higher therapeutic dose of cold-pressed Evening Prim..

Dog Shampoo No. 17 Copper Coat Evening Primrose Oil 250 ml -Isle Of Dogs

£11.20 £19.99
Copper Dog Coat Evening Primrose OilNo. 17 Copper Coat Evening Primrose Oil 250 mlThe shampoo is a dye-free henna-free shampoo which brings out the warm brown, blonde, and copper highlights in blonde through dark red coats. While named “Copper Coat,” this shampoo can be used by all blonde, brown and red-haired dogs to support truly rich colour. Works by placing a copper enhancer (suspended by the ..

No. 20 Royal Jelly Dog Shampoo 1 Gallon -Isle Of Dogs

No. 20 Royal Jelly Shampoo is a highly effective tool in the fight against shedding. Formulated with Royal Jelly, a protein-rich botanical which stimulates new hair growth, repairs damage, and reduces shedding. It is also great for building extra volume without softening the coat. No. 20 is also highly effective when used weekly in conjunction with our No. 91 Royal Jelly Coat Supplement.  ..

No. 34 No. 34 Clarifying Dog Shampoo 250 ml - Isle Of Dogs

£10.50 £19.49
Clarifying Dog ShampooNo. 34 Clarifying Shampoo 250 ml  Shampoo removes build-up from accumulated conditioners and styling products.  Not meant for everyday use, but to detoxify the hairs as necessary.  Use this product once a month, or between shows, and follow up with a fresh application of the Isle of Dogs conditioner best suited for your dog’s coat type. For the dog with persis..

No. 35 Stain Fighting Dog Shampoo 250 ml - Isle Of Dogs

£11.62 £24.98
Stain Fighting Dog ShampooNo. 35 Stain Fighting Shampoo 250 mlThe shampoo is a concentrated shampoo specifically formulated to address stains or to be used as a pre-wash for very dirty dogs. Helps maintain bright colours, while fading stains on the coat such as those caused by mud, clay or urine. Expect added shine and reduced tangles as well. No. 35 Stain Fighting Ingredients Water, Sodium La..

No. 50 Light Management Dog Conditioner 60ml - Isle Of Dogs

£2.56 £5.99
Light Dog ConditionerNo. 50 Light Management Conditioner 250 ml  A light conditioner featuring moisture-enhancing Evening Primrose Oil that leaves a luxurious finish on the coat. The hair will be shiny and healthy, the skin will be protected, and brushing will be easier. When you shampoo the coat you activate and open the cuticle layer on the hair shaft. By using a conditioner, you activate ..

No. 51 Heavy Management Dog Conditioner 60ml - Isle Of Dogs

Heavy Dog ConditionerNo. 51 Heavy Management Conditioner 250 ml  This conditioner combines Evening Primrose Oil with botanical extracts of aloe, rosemary, and lavender, creating a rich, saturating conditioner that strengthens hair, soothes skin, and improves elasticity. It’s ideal for dry skin and long hair that needs detangling and added moisturizing.  A unique formula that is heavy en..
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