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Isle of Dogs - Everyday Elements

Everyday Elements is a ready-to-use professional quality dog shampoo conditioner salon collection, featuring performance-driven ingredients in high functionality formulas. Hair is bouncy, shiny and clean; skin is noticeably healthier, without flaking and grime. Pet parents will be thrilled to achieve salon results in their own bathtub.

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Elements Dog Lush Coating Brush Spray - Everyday Isle of Dogs

Everyday Isle of Dogs Elements Lush Coating Brush SprayWhat you should know Our Lush Coating Brush spray has been developed to be used to freshen and fluff up the coat and help give some fullness to a flatter coat. This product is used by champion show dogs to style and create the fullness they need. Spray in lightly and then blow-dry or style as required.  Can be used ..

Elements Lush Coating Dog Shampoo - Everyday Isle of Dogs

£9.10 £12.98
Everyday Isle of Dogs Elements Lush Coating ShampooWhat you should know Lush Coating is a shampoo that will create a full lush and plush feel to the coat. It not only removes dirt, grime, and odour; it will also help make the coat stand up and look thicker and fuller. Creating that full, fluffy, lush look and feel is easier when using the complete lush coating set consisting of the lu..

Everyday Elements - Clean Coating Shampoo

£7.57 £12.98
Clean Coat Dog ShampooWhat you should know Our Clean Coating shampoo works really well to cut through dirt and for best results should be used with either the lush coating conditioner for fuller, fluffier coats or the silky coating conditioner for flat laying or long coats. Using a conditioner will help to cut down on shedding by removing the dead, dull coat and thus also help to increase shine. ..
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